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Thor: The Dark World Marathon Synopsis
Don't miss your only chance to see both Thor and Thor: The Dark World on the big screen.

Movie Reviews

Loki rules! And Marvel still goes strong

By mairire
This is a refreshing example of continual improvement. Any hero is only so good as the villain he is fighting. Or the brother he is tolerating. And here, both are just that. Perfect embodiments of...

Fabulous movie!

By shasha191
I laughed. I was surprised in a number of spots. I was sad, near tears once or twice. Loved the very end (after the credits make sure you stick around!) Will be seeing again Sunday and again Monday....

My Arms are so Thor!

By joshuar1288
Loved the movie! The actors are very believable, and I think the writers did an excellent job in showing what Thor's life was like after the Avengers....

Amazingly fun

By snowshoesiamese
very glad I went! it was fun to watch with other marvel fans. I will be at the next marathon of this type for sure :-)...


By mishellywelly
It was awesome! Full of action with a little romance and left it open for a sequel!!!...

Incredible Way to Spend an Afternoon!

By holtge
Back this past May, when I was enjoying the 4-movie Iron Man Marathon to celebrate the release of Iron Man 3, I hoped that Disney/Marvel would do a similar "Thor Marathon" to kick off the release of...


By wildcat

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Rated PG-13 | For intense sci-fi action/violence