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Awesome Movie

By Pug_Omegamu
Written November 09, 2013
Nothing like a good sequel! Was it better than the first Thor? I suppose that depends on your taste. I love them both -- in fact, I've loved all the Marvel Studios/Phase X movies, so I'm probably not discriminating enough to help people figure out if they want to go. Oh, if you haven't seen it yet, and you were a fan of the MMO City of Heroes ... you HAVE to see the movie eventually!
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Loved it loved it loved it!!

By nicsmith16
Written November 10, 2013
Well done, all involved, well done. Really enjoyed the plot, cinematography, effects, and acting. The comedic timing was impeccable - not too over-the-top, just the right amount of "human" reaction. What Christopher Eccelston could not do with his immovable facial features, he managed to convey quite well with gestures and body language. Chris Hemsworth has managed to keep track of Thor's emotional journey, from wild man-child to tired man, and he does it so well. Tom Hiddleston is as ever so perfect as Loki - you're supposed to dislike him, but I find that I want to actually buy him a beer! The ensemble cast did a fantastic job, and hopefully all (yes, except for one) will return for the next installment. Thrilled with the last scene - about time! - and especially loved the very last shot of the ice planet beastie chasing the birds - fabulous. Will definitely be buying this one on blueray!!
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By salenakitty18
Written February 26, 2017
Chris Hemsworth as always-does not disappoint! Everything is ramped up from the first movie. LOVED everything from the acting to the cinematography! The complexity of the relationship between Thor and Loki is depicted beautifully. And getting to watch Thor be a BAMF is always fun to see! Go see this!!
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Great entertainment

By graceland9
Written November 08, 2013
I really enjoyed the movie. The effects and storyline were amazing, but what makes it a must-see is Tom Hiddleston's acting. There is a lot of humor - I particularly enjoyed Darcy and Selvig - but the fantasy world and plots are really interesting. I loved the way Asgard and Midgard interacted to make the realms intertwine. Hemsworth was good, Portman was good, but Hiddleston makes the film. Definitely a must-see.
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By talunar
Written November 11, 2013
It was a very good movie. I enjoyed it. But the first thor was better than the second one, But I would recommend every one to go and see it. The acting was great and the cinematograph was excellent. It's for bothe adults and kids.
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