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Do I dare to say this was better than The Avengers?

By ebridwell89
Written November 08, 2013
Where to start? THOR: THE DARK WORLD was simply incredible. I would even go as far to say that it topped The Avengers...but maybe that is just because THOR is my favorite of the Avengers. =) THOR: THE DARK WORLD picks up right where THE AVENGERS left off and the action, humor and heart of the the film keep you glued to the screen better than any film I have seen in a while! Easily the best film in MARVEL's CINEMATIC UNIVERSE so far! 10 out of 10! 100% I cannot recommend THOR: THE DARK WORLD any higher! If you are a THOR fan or just love the MARVEL films, you do not want to miss this one! Definitely seeing it again! =)
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Action Packed

By chongjeannie
Written November 11, 2013
UHMMM HELLO have you not yet gone to see this movie ?! It's so worth it ! I would watch it again, thought the graphics and plot. Everything was so on spot and just an overall A movie !
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Hammer of the Gods

By Cre8vBlade
Written September 02, 2014
An enjoyable sequel that tops the predecessor, The Dark World centers more on the fantastical aspects of Thor. High adventure, daring escapes, and a pretty evenly paced film. I loved the scenes with the charismatic Hiddleston and the goofy/cute Dennings. Make sure you stay for TWO credit sequences! Pros: High adventure, Evenly paced film Cons: Gods and dark elves have laser beams and fighters? Malekith was your typical one-dimensional villain. Not much substance to him.
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Was good like I expected

By MochaYaYa
Written November 08, 2013
Of course, there's never enough time for us to learn enough about why the bad guy is the bad guy, but this movie delivered enough. I liked it a bit better than the first Thor movies because we got to see him in action more. Awesome special effects. And the dramatic scenes were really good; shows that some action film stars can actually act. Two thumbs up!!!
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Thor 2 is amazing

By The movie fanatic
Written November 08, 2013
You better not buy anything to drink to make you get up and step out to the restroom for 5-10 mins because you don't want to miss anything!!! Thor 2 brings you more looks in outter space realms this time around because I think some of us look forward to seeing something different for a change rather than just being on earth. Loki and Thor team up to lay the smack down and even their mom gets some too. It's not better than the Avengers but it is better than Thor pt 1 and better than Iron Man 3. Christopher Eccleston as Malekith did a really good job. Just one flaw, I think it was just way too easy to defeat Malekith. Lots of none stop action, lots of jaw dropping moments, lots of laughter, and lots of loose ends and unpredictable scenes. Yes of course you have to stay after the credits are done but that is a good thing I think. Go see it!! I'm going to see it again Sunday with friends and then going to see it again with my mom.
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