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Thor: The Dark World Synopsis
Thor must save Earth and the Nine Realms from an ancient enemy that predates the universe itself.
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By aryanwarby
Best Marvel film yet! Awesome plot, cool cameos, fantastic character development for certain characters, all-around 5 star movie! Would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone willing to listen!...

See it for Loki and to see where Marvel is going (SPOILER ALERT)

By alwaysapatriot
If you're looking for a movie that furthers the development of Thor as a character, you've chosen the wrong movie. The plotline was relatively feeble, the villain was average, and the power balance...

Epic in scope

By jeremymo88
I enjoyed this movie. the characters had their moments, and it developed Asgard more. I will say some scenes and dialogue seemed a little odd, and the movie did take some time to get up to full...

Incredible. The extent of the audience's emotional investment is Thor's best success.

By vissium
When I watch Marvel movies like Thor, Captain America, etc., I put aside the comics and focus only on the movie. In this case, rating it solely on the movie alone - it was pretty incredible. It had a...

Very well done...

By chrisp518
I recommend seeing this movie... Wasn't sure how it was going to hold up to the first, but it was done well... Good action and little too much comedy, but my wife loved the comedy aspect......

Awesome Movie

By Pug_Omegamu
Nothing like a good sequel! Was it better than the first Thor? I suppose that depends on your taste. I love them both -- in fact, I've loved all the Marvel Studios/Phase X movies, so I'm probably not...

Loved it loved it loved it!!

By nicsmith16
Well done, all involved, well done. Really enjoyed the plot, cinematography, effects, and acting. The comedic timing was impeccable - not too over-the-top, just the right amount of "human" reaction....


By salenakitty18
Chris Hemsworth as always-does not disappoint! Everything is ramped up from the first movie. LOVED everything from the acting to the cinematography! The complexity of the relationship between Thor...

Great entertainment

By graceland9
I really enjoyed the movie. The effects and storyline were amazing, but what makes it a must-see is Tom Hiddleston's acting. There is a lot of humor - I particularly enjoyed Darcy and Selvig - but...


By talunar
It was a very good movie. I enjoyed it. But the first thor was better than the second one, But I would recommend every one to go and see it. The acting was great and the cinematograph was...

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Rated PG-13 | For some suggestive content and intense sci-fi action/violence
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Common Sense Media says Teen-friendly comic-book sequel is brutal but not gory.
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