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Thor: Dark World

By tinagallegos719
Written November 21, 2013
I was awaiting a more love plot for this movie I was disappointed. I left the movie early as I was very unhappy with how the movie was going . However, it is a film all family can go to watch it has a lot of evil portrayed and is fitting after all the Dark World allows us to know there is more evil than the first Thor. I guess watching the first Thor he promised to come back for her and well did he really for love or for other reasons and not for the love he felt for her? Happy Watching and like I said it was not what I was wanting I am more a Chick Flick kind of girl and so with that said Have a great day. Tina G Pueblo Co
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Marvel redeems itself after the Iron Man 3 fiasco

By smichaud1722
Written November 08, 2013
Fun action sequences in the climactic battle. Effects were really good especially the backdrop of Asgard. Comic relief moments on Earth were entertaining and Loki stole many scenes. Happy to report Marvel returned to form since Iron Man 3 was a letdown IMO.
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Mostly for Tom Hiddleston

By onela22
Written November 30, 2013
What you read in the reviews is true: most of the movie is just okay, lots of fighting and random explosions. But every time Loki is on screen, the movie is sharp, funny, and moving. I quite like Hemsworth, especially in the original Thor and again in Avengers. But the character isn't nuanced enough to carry another movie alone. Fortunately, he doesn't have to. There's also a great Captain America trailer right before the main feature starts.
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If you liked THOR, you would love Thor: The Dark World

By iamgirish17
Written November 08, 2013
For all those of you who liked Thor and eagerly waited for the sequel. It is stands tall and is hands down the best Marvel movie of the year .. yes beating Iron Man 3. TIP : Do not leave the theater after the titles, you will miss the bonus :)
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Thor The Dark World

By Perrymom565
Written November 08, 2013
Usually the sequel to a movie isn't that great but the marvel series movies have been insanely unique that way. This is another MUST GO SEE movie to the saga of Thor, his family, his love of Jane Foster, Asgard and the nine worlds. You won't be disappointed.
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