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not bad

By Rico James
Written June 25, 2016
Pretty good movie. The only think that I don't like is when they try and add to much comedy relief. It's not necessary. But, story was good, loki was excellently played and art direction was incredible.
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Thor: The Dark World is awesom!!!

By ajskitten
Written November 20, 2013
Well -- again I was blown away by a movie that ha, s at the VERY LEAST, 8 unbelievably talented and beautiful actor/actresses!! Maybe it was the fact that it was in 3D (which I doubt) but the major cast members could not have done a better job of capturing me and sucking me in...especially Thor (Chris Hemsworth - who is to die for)!! If you haven't seen -- GO!!!
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By catlaw
Written November 10, 2013
This was an action-packed, fast paced movie that had NO slow moments! Great special effects. Loki is the brother you love to hate and Thor was, of course, every woman's dream. You will be on the edge of your seat.
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Thor the Bore

By odellhuff2
Written November 18, 2013
As a geek who loves SciFi, video games, fantasy and anime, I've always felt inadequate that I missed the superhero/comic book fan gene, especially when the genre can produce something as captivating as the Dark Knight. Watching Thor, however, has cured me of any residual shame in my belief that comic book stories are more cartoonish than even cartoons. This movie is just a comic book with lots of frames, and not a good one at that: poorly directed, badly written: "I believe fate has brought us together." Argh! 'Kiss' had more believable makeup, acting ok but even Natalie Portman is lackluster and unbelievable here, a 'superhero (god, whatever) defeats evil dude who wants to destroy the universe' crash bang kapow story we've heard and seen way too many times. Oh, and destroy a major metropolis--pick one at random--in the process. I resolve to never see another one of these again, hopefully because they stop making them.
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Expect less than the hype

By tigger2011
Written November 11, 2013
This version added elements of a love story which will broaden its appeal but did not add to the story. Natalie Portman does not add much to the screen as far as appeal either. Also they are not staying true to the character's abilities consistently throughout the film. The guardian at first says he cannot see the threat but then chases it and destroys it with his knives. Later he is taken over easily by them. Odem and his staff can annihilate everything in his path but does not in the battle scene but once to a small band of foes. Thor and his hammer at one time destroys enemies in a single blow and another he is bounced around like a stooge. All in all , effects are great and scenes are visually enticing. Well worth a watch for fans but again expect less than the hype
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