Crude Crude and more Crude

By rjacobi1
Written June 15, 2013
This movie is the worst, the basest, the least funny I have seen in years. Unless you are really into repetitive references to homosexual acts then stay away. I was duped by the critics and the reviewing fans. I am wondering if their comments had been edited. Stay away from this crude stupid movie.
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Not all it was cracked up to be

By Mamoo8
Written June 14, 2013
The movie had it's funny and scary moments, but overall I was disappointed. It had been rated 4 stars by the local paper, but I would have given it a 2 1/2.
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Don't waste your money!

By mazzarav
Written June 16, 2013
Come on..are you serious? Couldn't these 'actors' just have left this as a home movie for them to watch as buddies? So they relied on publicizing the movie, based on their individual name recognition AND some reviewers actually gave it 3 stars?
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This is the end

By jeffc89us
Written June 16, 2013
Just ok in my opinion. Most of the best parts are seen in the previews. If you like Seth Rogan movies you'll enjoy it but not something i'd pay to see on the big screen
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Hands down funniest film in AWHILE!!!

By funnychic06
Written June 13, 2013
I was so excited for this when I saw the first trailer that I actually got scared when I went to see it thinking it would be one of those things that can never live up to the hype in your head. It was actually funnier than I ever thought! People in the movie theater were laughing so hard that sometimes it was hard to hear!! I cannot wait to see it again! Also if you have a stick up your butt about cursing or vulgar jokes than save us all the pain of reading your appallingly bad review and do not even bother going! I get so tired of people writing about movies they either haven't seen they just like being negative or they were too stupid to figure out what the movie was about and went anyway! "Wait you mean the Godfather is actually about violence and mafia and not about some old man who loves his godchildren! I'm shocked! I must quickly go tell everyone who will listen that this movie is horrible and everyone making it must be sent to hell." Go see this if you have a sense of humor
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