This is the End

By buckstar7
Written June 15, 2013
I'll admit to laughing at some scenes in this movie, but it's crude and like so many other movies, there is a disturbing amount of focus on a certain male part. A comment is made about directors doing their research, and that was not done in this movie. It's great to love and care for your friends, but being beamed up to heaven in the rapture doesn't happen because of YOUR behavior; it's because of our SAVIOR. The definition of savior says it all: It's because of what Christ did that we are saved. Our part is to accept that we are sinners and fall short of the glory of God and to accept what Jesus did on the cross and his resurrection as what bridges the gap between us and God. Jesus saves; we don't save ourselves by being good or glorious. Also, Seth, it's the Book of Revelation, not revelations. This movie falls way short of the glory of God, and I'm sorry I went, especially since the message is to rely on ourselves and our own behavior for salvation.
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Worst movie we've seen

Written June 16, 2013
Perhaps we are a bit older, perhaps because we don't use "social" drugs - but my wife and I just saw this movie - and it was the worst one we've ever seen. A few humorous spots but for me the best part was the discount coupon on the popcorn. I find it distasteful how social drugs are glorified and legitimized - as a retired physician I've seen the many negative aspects. We could not recommend this to anyone and dread its appearance on TV.
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This is the End

By k9kittee
Written October 01, 2013
Hysterical movie! Raunchy but extremely funny. Lots of belly laughs. Not for young kids 'cause it's got some real gory scenes...but the blood and guts is so over the top that it's not gross but just hysterical. Loved the movie...will see it again.
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By Boss Kaufman
Written June 13, 2013
If you like this kind of movie (knocked up, 40 y/o virgin, pineapple express, etc...) You will die laughing in this movie. Literally almost in tears! Recommend to all mature (aka not the little ones, lots of male genitalia reference and shown). If your looking to make your day, go see This is THE END!!!!!!! Worth every penny, might see it again! -Eff yo house!
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Crude, Silly and Laugh Out Loud Funny

By m-ore71
Written June 14, 2013
Crude? Yes. Silly? Yes. But "This Is The End" is everything I expected it to be AND it was 'laugh-out-loud' funny. So I was more than pleased. It was fun (and brave) of the actors to portray a characterized version of themselves on screen and not be afraid to be the butt of the jokes. (Kudos, Michael Cera. Kudos.) The performances were all fun and each actor had their silly, shining moment. The cameos galore did not get overwhelming and the story, although thin, did have a subtle a good person. But honestly, I went for the laughs. And there were plenty of them in this less than 2 hour comedy. It is crude and vulgar, but all in good fun. If you don't make it to see this film on the big screen, definitely check it out when it arrives on DVD.
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