By Luisfcayo
Written October 30, 2013
I had to leave the theater halfway, I mean there were people there that thought the movie was hilarious but I think they were mostly high from the start, overall the movie was plain stupid. At first I though heh, maybe this is what young people think it's funny nowadays, so I kind of forced myself to laugh to not seem like a square, but then my jaw started hurting from making myself pretend I was laughing to the point where it became a creepy smile. At the end I could not fake it anymore, I thought it was a total waste of time, and thank god a few people like me left before hand. I noticed most of the reviews here are go or must go, but I think they are probably dumb high teenagers or mostly people that worked in the movie. So I guess if you are young and like to smoke then your going to think this movie is hilarious.
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stupid dumb what was it?

By ladiluck2013
Written October 08, 2013
what was this about holy crap? did they all have to get the b movie out of the way in one shot? retarded, horrible, stupid, perverted, beyond comprehension and they got my money (shame on me)
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This is the End

By k9kittee
Written October 01, 2013
Hysterical movie! Raunchy but extremely funny. Lots of belly laughs. Not for young kids 'cause it's got some real gory scenes...but the blood and guts is so over the top that it's not gross but just hysterical. Loved the movie...will see it again.
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By Boss Kaufman
Written June 13, 2013
If you like this kind of movie (knocked up, 40 y/o virgin, pineapple express, etc...) You will die laughing in this movie. Literally almost in tears! Recommend to all mature (aka not the little ones, lots of male genitalia reference and shown). If your looking to make your day, go see This is THE END!!!!!!! Worth every penny, might see it again! -Eff yo house!
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Crude, Silly and Laugh Out Loud Funny

By m-ore71
Written June 14, 2013
Crude? Yes. Silly? Yes. But "This Is The End" is everything I expected it to be AND it was 'laugh-out-loud' funny. So I was more than pleased. It was fun (and brave) of the actors to portray a characterized version of themselves on screen and not be afraid to be the butt of the jokes. (Kudos, Michael Cera. Kudos.) The performances were all fun and each actor had their silly, shining moment. The cameos galore did not get overwhelming and the story, although thin, did have a subtle a good person. But honestly, I went for the laughs. And there were plenty of them in this less than 2 hour comedy. It is crude and vulgar, but all in good fun. If you don't make it to see this film on the big screen, definitely check it out when it arrives on DVD.
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