By BodhiDavi
Written August 11, 2007
This movie was so refreshing to see. It is packed with 80's nostalgia and did a great job bringing that decade back to life without going "over- the- top corny" on the audience. Shaun, (Thomas Turgoose), should easily be nominated for some best actor awards in the UK...he was THAT good. The acting is so geniune and raw, that you will probably disregard any problems you find with this movie. My problem was dispite genious camera work and editing - some scenes + character development were a little rushed. As well, this movie tackled the subject of nationalism and its major pitfalls and only just skimmed the surface of it. It's such an interesting subject that I wish was tackled a little more in depth in this movie. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!!!
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Be prepared to be shaken

By lsuperior
Written August 17, 2007
Solely from a filmmaking point of view, this movie was brilliant from the acting to the cinematography to the period music soundtrack. The content was full of social, cultural and political commentary but there was also a bittersweet element to Shaun and the way the coming-of-age theme was woven in between the explosions of violence, hatred, racism and manipulation. You will question yourself on a few levels though...go see it. Bring gum. You WILL get ansy.
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Can't decide

By pbylund
Written August 12, 2007
Gritty. Disturbing. Violent. Ugly. In the last scene when Shaun looks directly into the camera, anger oozing out, and the movie ends, I sat there thinking "What?!". The more I think about it, I get it but there were many parts of this film that were difficult to watch. The acting was great and Turgoose was astounding.
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You must see this movie!

By amsterdamlux
Written September 07, 2007
This is an excellent film about a commonly misinterpreted group who really just liked the music and look of the time before they got a racist stereotype. I laughed and felt sorry for many of the charecters who acted superbly. Independent films can be excellent and this is a shining example of how a vision can satisfy any moviegoer. Go check it out if you can find it near you. I went to a theater in D.C. and it was nicer than the mainstream theaters that chrage more. P.S. This is a real review from a person not related to the industry
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This is England

By Drez_Digital
Written January 27, 2010
Thought provoking coming of age deep drama.
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