Angry People

By gayle10001
Written September 25, 2016
It is always so heartwarming to see a movie that makes family life seem like a nightmare. Almost constant foul language and a very angry, unhappy, and unlikable group of people summarizes this movie. Even the kids are foul-mouthed and unlikable. Oh yeah. . .and one or two funny parts. Wait for this to come on video. . .because there is no way this will end up on network TV.
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This is 40

By maguiremorris
Written April 24, 2017
I really like the actors in this movie but the premise misses the mark. And what makes the director think that bathroom humor appeals to an adult audience?I have a 2nd grade grandson, a 1st grade grandson and a 4 yr old grandson who think that bathroom humor is hilarious. Fortunately they will outgrow it, why hasn't the director and the actors done the same. Here is an idea, play up to an audience not down to an audience.
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By dingofin
Written May 25, 2017
LOVED THIS IS 40! Hilarious! I went with my husband and it was our first anniversary though we are now divorcing and we don't have kids and we are older this couple reminded us of ourselves with the constant fighting. They had the commitment to stay together! My husband does not. My husband sits on the toilet and I invade his privacy and ask questions and he hates it! So many things are what we and probably others literally do say and do as couples and yet think no one else does them - like the "BUTT" scene where the husband asks her to look to see what is going on there, etc. Typical! RUN TO SEE THIS MOVIE - DON'T WALK - RUN - RUN - RUN! We rate it a 10+ on hilarious! But I could see if you are younger and not married or not experienced some of these same things in life it could not be funny to you. The audience when we saw it on New Year's Eve completely laughed the entire show and all out loud. So enjoy it!
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Pass on this

By twister06801
Written January 23, 2017
Went thinking it was going to be a funny movie, Instead it was a long boring movie with a few good lines......long save your money for a good movie,
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This is a Very Fine Film!

By jzactor
Written May 25, 2016
This film surprised me a great deal. I expected it to be funnybut it was even funnier than I expected (and make sure you wait thru the credits to laugh even more). The stroy is very simple about a couple experiencing the effects of aging a bit as they turn 40. What I was amazed at is how poignant the film is and how it weaves a few different plot lines thru it. The stars of the film do very well. The costars are great, too, in particular John Lithgow and Albert Brooks. They bring solid, good character acting with them while also being poignant and very effective at being 2 men who are going thru a lot, and their regret is deep in each case and it manifests itself in every moment in subtle ways. So this is a really fine film that is as hilarious as it is deeply felt and acted, while never falling to sentimentalism. The laughs are many and deep and so are te tears. The young actors who are real family memebers of Judd Apatow are brilliantly real and effective. Go enjoy and be touched!
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