Don't get rooked in!

By hilarykr
Written December 21, 2012
I have never before seen a trailer so misrepresent a film. I thought I was going to watch another Apatow comedy, but instead I got Kramer vs Kramer! That was the most depressing film I've seen in years. I'm actually angry I sat through the whole thing.
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Scary & hilarious

By headnurse9999
Written February 03, 2013
I loved this film. Paul Rudd is as real & funny as ever & Leslie Mann as his fairly tolerant, kinda neurotic wife is very well done. I laughed out loud so many time, at so many things, and for many different reasons. There were moments where I actually feared for myself & my relationship..."Is this really possible?" This movie is for adults. Older teenagers will find it funny, but not having been in a long-term relationship will mean there are things that will make no sense to them. Younger children should be left at home. The language is pretty blue & there are some really private adult things that occur that they don't need to be exposed to. I will watch this film again...and again.
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Walk Out

By patriciak139
Written January 07, 2013
Vulgar, uninteresting and not really funny. Yes....That about sums it up. Three of us walked. Oh! did I mention that I had no interest in any of the characters except for Albert Brooks...
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Very funny

By Zimmys
Written January 06, 2013
I and people around me were laughing all the time. I had at least 30-40 good laughs. Great comedy. After 2 hours, I wanted more. It is great movie for couples 30-45 years old.
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This was good

By jmccloy77
Written December 22, 2012
This wasnt quite the same as Knocked up. I mean, it wasnt as graphic as knocked up. BUt it still delivered in my opinion. I honestly, thought it could have been a little funnier. But it was good. Funniest part of the film was when Paul Rudd had his legs up taking a pic. The movie did seem a little choppy. But overall, i still thought it was a good film. Dont take the kids. Definately not for them.
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