What was that???

By dgblock
Written December 23, 2012
What was this? I wanted to walk out after 30 minutes but felt that for $10, maybe this movie would get better. Nope. It was disjointed and all over the place. Sure, there were funny moments but that probably took up maybe 10 minutes of this 2+ hour movie.
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Melissa McCarthy's bit part, was the best part!

By Eyk3
Written December 23, 2012
I thought I would LOVE it as these two characters were my favorite part of Knocked UP....but it was just ok. I laughed some, but overall just okay. The yelling and whining got a little tiresome. Melissa McCarthy stole the show as always in her few scenes and the outtakes of her at the end had me laughing so hard I was in tears. Charlyne Yi cracked me up a couple times too. Also, I don't know if I blinked and missed it, but I didn't see the part where Paul Rudd hikes up his shorts, messes up his hair and does a little jig behind the daugher when she's skyping (or whatever)...that cracked me up in the previews!
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This Is A Lousy Movie and not funny

By DickDastardly
Written December 29, 2012
This movie was a huge disappointment. Knowing what I know now about this movie I wouldn't even waste a $1.00 renting it from Redbox when it comes out on dvd. I wanted to walk out about 30 minutes in, but for some reason stayed thinking it may just get better. While it had a few funny moments those were few and far between. Besides the fact that it is not funny, the script and plot go nowhere. This Is 40 is not up to the standards you would expect from Apatow, so do yourself favor, save your money.
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Awful bore

By Marnie100
Written December 23, 2012
Not funny. Walked out after what seemed an eternity. I can't believe intelligent? people with money sat down and created this disaster. Hollywood steals money at the box office. What kind pf parents put their children in a movie like this, it was the worst miserable mess.
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By stevens
Written December 30, 2012
Just watch the trailer and save your time and money rather than wasting it to see if this foul, extremely dysfunctional family will ever figure it out. It just goes on and on and gets worse and worse.
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