By PinkyML
Written July 28, 2014
Need to cool the F bomb and the C word! Otherwise I had a great time - and laughed all the way through it. Paul Rudd continues to be a highlight in all his films. Love the twinkle in his eyes! Leslie Mann gives a believable performance - she's having a breakdown over turning 40. Wish there had been more of Melissa McCarhty. What a great comedic talent. Don't see this if you have a problem with crude. Do go if you need a laugh. I got my money's worth.
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Funny For 40somethings!

By efluco
Written January 04, 2013
First, it was date night for my wife and I. Second, she just turned 40 last year. Third, we have 2 girls who fight ALL the time. Fourth, my wife hates my music. Fifth, I love LOST. Needless to say, I was laughing so hard in the first 5 minutes I almost pee'd my pants. Maybe it was because we fit the "target" audience and find so many things "relatable", but I felt the director Judd Apatow really got it right. Sure there were some "unrealistic" moments, but overall, great cast, hilarious moments...great cameo by Melissa McCarthy! Be sure to stay for after the initial credits. I only gave it a "Go" because I'm not sure if you are under 40, if you would get it.
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Well how would u title this,

By Jhop354
Written January 22, 2013
This is a basic film of today's family. If you like watching dis functional family at hand then this is the movie for you, of course they added a basic story line to it basically to keep you interested. Its a very long movie for what it is about and would not recommend it to anyone.
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Way funny!

By my5pets
Written January 14, 2013
Great movie! Lots of true to life scenes, situations we all may find ourselves in at times. Plenty of humor to make the most awkward times bearable! Definitely worth seeing! Loved all the characters, especially the children!
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Could've ended after 90 minutes and they would've covered it all

By Mumphette
Written January 05, 2013
This was a cute movie, definitely rings true to many couples who after a few years get stuck in a rut and need to find their chemistry again. However, I was fidgeting by the end of the movie. I couldn't wait for it to wrap up. Way too long for the plot. Melissa McCarthy is a freaking riot and be sure to stay for her outtake after the credits...even though you'll probably want to bolt as soon as they start :-)
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