This is 40

By marie.brisson
Written October 01, 2016
This movie was hilarious! We really enjoyed it. The writing was brilliant! Definitely not a kids movie, as the language was not appropriate for little ones. Make sure you stay for the out takes, I was laughing so hard I was crying!
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Funny indeed... maybe only if you can relate to it

By eswenson
Written February 12, 2016
I thought this movie was splendid, and funny... much better than I expected. My guess is that you must be able to relate to the situation in some capacity to be able to enjoy it (i.e. married, kids, age, etc). I'm married in my late 20s with no kids yet and totally got the humor of it all. If you can draw comparisons in any way to the premise of the movie, then go see it... but go with your husband/wife! =E
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So unrealistic

By thomas9070
Written May 03, 2016
The movie was awful. To be funny, one would need to identify with the situation of at least one of the characters. The movie was so disjointed and out of touch with reality that it was bizarre, not humorous.
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Funny and Honest about 40s

By pedsarq
Written May 25, 2016
First, let me just say that I just turned 40 and this movie is spot-on honest about the negative aspects of nearly being old. The family that's the focus of the film is referred to by one of the characters as being like a family in a bank commercial, which is to say that they're pictures perfect. The husband is played very well by Paul Rudd and the wife by the hot Leslie Mann. There are also 2 daughters that are always fighting, and the grandparents from both sides are either guilty of being absent from their lives or around and asking for money. As you might expect, sex is also up for discussion along with the purple pill. Anyway, the story move along nicely and the jokes are plentiful. I really enjoyed all the 40s jokes, but beyond that it's full of well-crafted scenes, many of which are hilarious.
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This is 40 is a no go

By jr623
Written August 29, 2016
I was disappointed. I expected more laughs. I felt like I was in the middle of another couples argument for 2 hours. Saving grace was Melissa McCarthy, she was a hilarious! If you go- stay for the out takes. I laughed harder here than the entire movie.
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