Scary & hilarious

By headnurse9999
Written March 22, 2017
I loved this film. Paul Rudd is as real & funny as ever & Leslie Mann as his fairly tolerant, kinda neurotic wife is very well done. I laughed out loud so many time, at so many things, and for many different reasons. There were moments where I actually feared for myself & my relationship..."Is this really possible?" This movie is for adults. Older teenagers will find it funny, but not having been in a long-term relationship will mean there are things that will make no sense to them. Younger children should be left at home. The language is pretty blue & there are some really private adult things that occur that they don't need to be exposed to. I will watch this film again...and again.
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Great Movie!!!

By KG81
Written February 28, 2017
This was so funny, the entire theatre was cracking up so loud, that I think I missed a few lines here and there. I would say it is definitely worth seeing in the theatre. I know it's no action film, but if you need a good laugh, this is the movie for you! I know Judd Apatow films speak to women mostly, but if you are married with kids, or thinking about having kids, whether you are a guy or a girl, I think you'll like it.
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Wait for DVD

By cew333
Written June 29, 2016
This move had NO End. More serious fights between married couple than serious laughs with them and the rest of the cast. I should have waited until the DVD came out so that Fast -Forward was available. This movie was way to long and could have been edited down in many places.
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Definitely need to be over 40 and married to enjoy

By nucleartax
Written September 25, 2016
This was a great movie. We laughed out loud for over two hours because they truly had videotaped our marriage. I feel sorry for the newly weds and your couples in the theater as they didn't get it...they just thought is was strange. Validated us in our marriage! Rip roaring hilarious. Sequel is better than the original. If you don't enjoy this, you don't have a real relationship with your spouse!
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Everyone Can Relate

By Nutt32
Written August 16, 2016
This movie was great because everyone can relate to one of the characters in the movie. The problems the married couple encounters make you say "yeah I know how that is". This movie was a feel good and Paul Rudd did an excellent job as always. This is a movie I could see with my mom or dad and both of them could get it and have a good laugh. Wether your married or not you can relate to the couple in this film if you have ever been in a relationship. This film helps you laugh at yourself and how silly we all can be when in relationships. If you want to see a movie that makes you laugh and lets you know that relationships are a little crazy and its just not you go see this film.
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