this is 40

By pschneit
Written January 20, 2017
slow start. had some funny moments. the trailers and the outakes at the ending credits that we saw were the best part of the movie. the leads in the movie were good. the kids were funny, specially the older daughter. melissa macarthy was hilarious. more thought provoking about middle age than funny.
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This is 40

By tmoya59
Written May 26, 2016
When I saw the movie was over 2 hours I thought "Oh No", but the movie was funny, fast paced, you could identify with the different characters because we all have family and memories that were portrayed in the story. I would see it again and very seldom do I watch movies twice.
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This is 40

By Lisakaygibbs
Written July 28, 2016
I was really disappointed with this movie. I guess I expected a smart, mature comedy and this movie did not live up to those expectations. The funny scenes were all in the trailer!
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Ultra Frustration

By tharbin32
Written August 24, 2016
Thought maybe this movie would mirror my life with normal day to day frustrations of a married couple with small kids and little time for themselves. Instead I watched a screaming match between two unlikable characters who spend most of their lives lying to each other. Then we are supposed to magically believe they love each other at the end despite none of their issues being resolved. There were funny moments especially the outtakes while the credits were rolling. With little time for movies my husband and I wished we had spent our time/money on another movie!
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Very Disappointed

By Smokey Pimlico
Written December 11, 2016
Talk about depressing. This slow moving dramady had me so tense and depressed that I wanted to walk out. The laughs were few and far between, and the main charactor had nothing but bad luck. Several people walked out about 30 min into the flick. This movie was FRUSTRATING to watch, to say the least. Rent it for a buck when it comes out on DVD if you're really curious. But, let me tell you, you'll want your money back. SPOILER ALERT>>>> Why the heck made Judd Apatow think that we'd want to see a movie where the main charactor looses his house and business, becomes totally bankrupt at his 40th birthday party, has to sell his home, uproot his family, AND, on top of everything else, finds out he has a 3rd child on the way? and another spoiler alert>>>>>> I had no sympathy for the Paul Rudd charactor. Were we supposed to? On top of everything else he was the main cause of everything that went wrong,
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