Very Good Movie

By Novettat
Written April 23, 2012
I was extremely pleased with this movie, it's focus point and direction. While it displayed alot of couples, I felt that was pertinent to where they were trying to go furthering displaying there are ALL different types of relationships from Momma's boys to Inter-racial couples to the player to the hen-pecked to the married man to the boy to the average man. This movie was definitley a winner (in my eyes).
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By Mrs_Martin1
Written May 02, 2012
Think like a man was just what couples in this generation needed. The honest truth with enough comedy for you to listen and understand with an open mind. Kevin Heart was amazing as usual, he truly needs his own show. To Steve Harvey Think like a man was a great read and now a great movie, May God continue to bless you and everyone in the movie.
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I Loved, Loved, Loved It

By lameishasherri
Written April 22, 2012
I needed a good laugh and I got one. I am so glad they put this movie out, and even happier that Tyler Perry didn't write or produce it. Shine on Steve Harvey. This one was perfect!!!
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Great movie

By bynumsa
Written April 22, 2012
It's a must see. Not the same old stereotypical predominately African American cast film. Good acting, great plot and timely punch lines. However, a bit too much cursing. Overall, a very entertaining movie that does not fall prey to tired Hollywood themes that degrade African Americans and seek to further unravel the moral fiber of the minority community, especially the Black male. Steve Harvey rises above the pressures of Hollywood and monetary earnings to produce a movie that mocks relationships in the minority communities. Instead, he and his team delivers a winner that will inspire you to give love and heterosexual relationships a chance instead of debasing their value, unlike so many other movies. Go see it!
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Think Like A Man

By Heavenboundil
Written April 20, 2012
I truly enjoyed this movie. I laughed so hard. The amazing cast of beautiful actors & actresses was awesome I wouldn't take small children to see this movie due to the adult language. I like how sex was implied but bot shown. I will definitely go see this movie again
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