By xavier171
Written April 20, 2012
This movie lived up to the hype and more. kevin hart was funny and pathetic but the rest of the cast was amazing as well. It really kept you thinking and laughing and everything could have happen its was realistic. I loved it
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By wilhoop
Written April 20, 2012
I never write reviews but even I liked it. kind of cliche but it worth your time and money, really good performances by all the cast.
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Think Like a Man

By wjt64
Written April 21, 2012
Awesome!! Kevin Hart was hilarious. Good story that made you THINK!! All the actors were great. Thank you Tim Story for bringing Steve Harvey's book to the big screen. I would go see it again.
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Think Like a Man is SOOO Funny!

By paragondiego
Written April 22, 2012
I really enjoyed the movie from beginning to end. I think everyone can find a character or that they can relate to. I watched the 10pm show on 34th St. in NYC and there were two long lines outside of the theater for people that had bought tickets already. Mind you, this is the 10:00 show and we got there at 8:45. My friend already bought the tickets and I was like "really". But trust, it was worth the waiting and standing in line for over an hour.
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By Faith303
Written April 20, 2012
This was the best comedy romance movie I have seen ever! It keeps you laughing the whole time. You also walk away with relationship lessons. Five stars from me!
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