Thin Ice Synopsis
Events spin out of control when an insurance salesman (Greg Kinnear) tries to scam an old farmer.
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Entertainment Weekly

By Owen Gleiberman
Throw in a nagging divorce settlement, an unplanned murder, and Billy Crudup - hilarious! - as a raging security man, and Jill Sprecher's...
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch

By Joe Williams
Thin Ice resides just slightly south of "Fargo."
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Philadelphia Inquirer

By Steven Rea
Writing with her sister, Karen, Jill Sprecher rigs up an elaborate cause-and-effect comedy of errors, with Kinnear's predatory protagonist...
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Roger Ebert
This is a devilishly ingenious screenplay by the sisters Jill and Karen Sprecher.
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New York Post

By Kyle Smith
The cheesehead noir Thin Ice presents Greg Kinnear in a role that's almost too easy for him: He's a morally flexible Wisconsin insurance...
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Wall Street Journal

By John Anderson
It is Mr. Kinnear's slippery charm that keeps Thin Ice from sinking into the frosty Wisconsin slush toward which it seems to be heading...
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New York Daily News

By Joe Neumaier
So with a wink, a nudge and a heaping portion of Midwestern charm, Thin Ice reels us in. Comparisons to "Fargo" and other convoluted little...
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Miami Herald

By Rene Rodriguez
I haven't watched "Fargo" in a few years, but I still remember almost every scene. I saw Thin Ice two nights ago and cannot in all honesty...
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Walter Addiego
With a handful of blackly humorous jolts and some game performances by a good cast, Thin Ice is a watchable, if not terribly original,...
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Boston Globe

By Ty Burr
The movie never fully clicks.
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Thin Ice

By marvstern
Why bother--Thin Ice is a waste of your time, great actors talents and what movie going is all about. No wonder Gross receipts are down. Simply put Thin Ice SUCKS....

Fargo this is not...

By pedsarq
Why did the creators of this movie feel so compelled to match the classic movie "Fargo" scene-by-scene? Well, it feels like the writer and the director of this movie were more-than-channelling the...

Kept my interest

By simisavant
I always like the movies with stories that keep getting more and more twists, this was that way. I enjoyed it!...

Thin Ice

By Peneflix
Just for the fun of it put this one on your list. Greg Kinnear is exhilarating as a conniving insurance agent "Mickey Prohaska" slowly succumbing to moral and financial turpitude; looking for the big...

Thin Ice ~ Great Story, Suspenseful, Intense and awesome!

By tootsie
I left this movie with such a great feeling! This movie has an all-star cast, the acting is great, the story line was well thought out and written, and the acting was impeccable! It's been a while...


By Mr Film Freak
I caught the matinee of Thin Ice today and I was really pleased! What I thought would be a straight comedy turned out to be a flick with a better plot and twist than most of the mystery suspense...

Thin Ice review

By paperdollkp
Very good, suspenseful...

Thin Ice review

By MovieTrekster
Finally, a good plot -- and with an unexpected twist!...

Watch Listen Think

By denmarc
Great story. Intriguing. Follow it closely. Check out what's going on. And then learn what really happened at the end. Alan Arkin deserves an award - please...

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Rated R | For Brief Sexual Content, Language and Brief Violent Content