Things that are survived in the fire!

By TotallyMovies
Written October 09, 2007
Wow! Finally, this movie is coming out. Seen the very first screening about two years ago. I thought at the time this movie should be nominated for the 2007 Oscar Awards but I guess it will be for 2008. I'm sure they want the movie to be Best Picture nominated. Anyway, the movie will capture your heart in such a way that every emotional feeling will be touched and caressed and leaving you with heart-filled joy. Without giving too much about the movie, everything is not truly lost in the fire but it is the wholesome family love that one can see from either a relative or friend that connect in harmony. This movie is a guaranteed numerous Oscar Nominations. Del Toro and Berry want to add another to their mantel:)
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Best movie I've ever seen.

By mdolese
Written October 08, 2007
Seriously. Saw it at an advanced screening and I will bring everyone I know to see it again and again. Its like a spectrum of human emotion that is portrayed by some truly amazing acting. I love love love this movie!
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By SoWhat3
Written June 15, 2008
A surprisingly good film. All three main actors were incredible, Halle, Benicio and Mulder. Beautiful story, well written and great photography (although I could do without as many eye closeups). Well worth seeing.
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halle, halle, halle

By vonewark
Written July 11, 2007
whatever movie Ms. Halle Berry is in, i am going to see it...
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By JoeRon
Written October 19, 2007
I just finished seeing it, it was incredible! Can I tell you all, I NEVER CRY in movies and when you watch the two people on the screen deal with their pain - it's so beautiful. You feel their pain! Halle and Benicio push each other and deliver magnificent performances. If they both don't get at least nominated, I will be surprised. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!
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