Not Brazil.

By nomoweho168
Written October 23, 2014
Read the reviews Zero is a sequel. No.Similar,dystopian future & love, ghost in the machine,corporations run the world & are successful at it but destroy the world and humanity in the process for the desire for more money.It's a good movie & leaves much to think about after you see it. The cinematography, set design, wardrobe all top notch.At times, it was a bit confusing.the ending was extremely ambivalent. Walz who is usually bombastic& over the top manic in most of his films seems uncomfortable with playing this role. Personally Malkovich would have been a better casting choice.Perhaps if Kristoph W had eyebrows he would have been able to emit more emotion, which in this is fear and confusion. See it if nothing else for the sets. Filmed in East Europe the only way such an ambitious picture could have been done with a small budget.Cover of Radioheads"Creep" SUPERB. Look forward to Gilliams next work. An adaptation of Don Quote but about his as a film maker. His "All That Jazz" maybe?
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