What to expect:

By cobalt_and_black
Written November 04, 2009
The Young Victoria was actually released in theaters throughout the United Kingdom in March, so the DVD is already out. Like most period pieces, The Young Victoria does include half fact and half fiction, probably to make the movie a little more interesting. If you are familiar with the movie starring Kiera Knightly called The Duchess, you will find that a movie about a woman who managed to become Queen at the young age of eighteen is far more interesting than a movie about a woman that was seen as fashionable two hundred years ago. Although the love story between Victoria and Albert is kept mostly true, there are only two historical facts that are blatantly false. The way Victoria's relatives and everyone else acted around her is kept the same, as politicians try to push their agenda onto a girl that knows little about the world as her mother has kept her shielded most of her life. As Victoria explains earlier in the film (voice of Emily Blunt) she was unaware that she was different.
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The Young Victoria

By coolpen88
Written January 04, 2010
Fantastic movie that presents a small portion of Victoria's life, just when she was gaining power and meeting her future husband, Albert. The acting was always top-notch, and the costumes were especially enchanting. But I must say, the cinematography had to be one of the greatest aspects because it truly made this film shine and glimmer.
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By joplinspig
Written December 26, 2009
I saw this movie Christmas day, and loved it! I thought all the actors gave great performances, and were very convincing; I was very anxious for Victoria to become 18 and be able to stand on her own, and I fell in love with Victoria and Albert falling in love. I loved the scene, where they quarreled, and she tried to assert herself as Queen as if she were suggesting he was a mere stud-service, and he ignored her! Great movie! It will become part of my DVD library.
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grandeur with humanity

By sharonTN
Written January 11, 2010
Emily Blunt invests royalty with dignity; this movie is for history buffs and anyone interested in human relationships in highly charged political settings.
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True love from a Queen

By jagjaxon
Written January 11, 2010
Good acting and a great (true) story. Photography was superb and they did a good job with costuming. I enjoyed this show, but not as much as my wife who loves a really good love story. I can't she a Prince Albert had 9 children and at the end it is printed on the screen that he died at forty-two.
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