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By mollyrosem22
Written February 17, 2013
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The Yellow Handkerchief review

By Derrick Deane
Written October 24, 2011
William Hurt, the reason I even bothered watching this movie, is solid as is Maria Bello in a supporting role. And Kristen Stewart. Probably the best acting you're going to see her do. Mind you there was still the annoying acting ticks (angst face, short breaths after she says he lines) that take away from the performance a bit, but I found Eddie Redmayne's character more annoying than Stewart. But William Hurt. Superb.
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By jpcapili
Written May 01, 2013
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By snowdropbluecross
Written June 20, 2013
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I Loved This Movie!

By Calylily
Written November 24, 2014
This movie starts out very different, but really tugged at my heart strings. It was an unexpected journey through the back roads of Louisiana that I enjoyed taking - not knowing that Kristen Stewart could act without a Vampire nearby - and boy was I wrong! Add in the likes of everyone’s favorite, William Hurt . . . So nice to see him delivering an incredible performance again . . . it has been way too long. But, there is something about Maria Bello - when her face appears on screen - you just know she is going to take you on a ride that you will never forget, kind of like Meryl Streep when she was starting out. And . . . she does not disappoint! This little movie is going places . . . prepare to see most of the above nominated for an Oscar - the performances are that golden . . . nice to see we are starting off the year with some great dramas worth watching. . . . BRAVO!
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