By MichaelCBryan
Written December 21, 2008
This movie finally proves to me how useless Fandago is in terms of reading the 'fan rating' scale as to weather or not you need to see a movie. If anyone rates this less than 'go' then they simply are one of three things: A) under the age of 17 and buy their clothes at the mall and TOTALLY love Twilight, B) On drugs or C) Illiterate and unschooled in truly great cinema and have only seen 80's comedies and nothing prior. Mickey Rourke is so bare and bold and the movie so daring and honest and real, it left me speechless - it has been YEARS since I've seen such an emotionally honest film. I don't know what Rourke has gone through in his life, but this is a man who wears his tortured soul inside out. His face is startling and his deep, pained eyes are so amazing. He will be nominated for Best Actor and at this point, from what I've seen (minus Revolutionary Road, which is pretty damn amazing), he deserves to win. Fantastic movie and a home run on all counts. See it. Now.
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The Wrestler

By lhorsley
Written January 26, 2009
What a piece of garbage. I don't even want my adult kids watching it. Bordered on porn and this is what gets the awards, sad state of affairs. Should have just walked out, my mistake.
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An Aronofsky Fan

By skpstein
Written December 16, 2008
Sure, I'm Biased. I love Darren Aronofsky. After seeing the wrestler, I can't wait to buy it on DVD and I can't wait to see his next film. But, The Wrestler is by far one of Darren's best. The performances given in this film are absolutely amazing. Every character portrays a complex, emotional, real person. The beggining I was watching it and I thought, "God damn it, It's too arty." But as soon as we saw some wrestling, it wasn't. And this is coming from someone who thinks wrestling is retarded. Anyway, go check it out, I really can't begin to tell you how amazing this film is. But, go see it, seriously right now.
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This makes my Top 5 list for 2008!!!

By astroboy73
Written December 15, 2008
Evan Rachel Wood and Mickey Rourke blew my mind in one of the most heartfelt movies of the year. Also, Marisa Tomei will surprise you in more ways in than one. For wrestling fans, Necro Butcher and Ron Killings (R-Truth) get some awesome screen time. Necro Butcher actually steals a scene or two. Hopefully, mainstream audiences will give pro wrestling the true respect that all artforms deserve. The critics were right - "The Wrestler" is definitely the resurrection of Mickey Rourke. Aronofsky hits another cinematic homerun.
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I saw it

By abslice
Written February 01, 2009
Depressing, sad and Bad ending... Marisa Tomei though, Hot as allways. I've had a crush on her for the longest time.
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