End of the world is a hoot

By ywsf
Written August 25, 2013
Its funny. Its fast paced. Its silly. Its a good laugh and a friends out movie. Go and have a good laugh. It will take your mind off our crazy world for a while.
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The Best Pegg-Frost Film Since Shaun of the Dead

By vahackney
Written August 28, 2013
Funny, smart and great fight scenes and dialogue. Loved the premise and the guys at every turn. The crowd watching this film were fans and were fun as well.
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Cornetto Closure.

By wendyladydesign
Written August 25, 2013
When I first saw Shaun of the Dead, it was introduced to me by my, then boyfriend. It was meaningful and more than just about the zombie camp. It was about redemption and getting off one's **** to survive. That boyfriend and I would later split, followed by him taking his own life. After that, I would get a Shaun of the Dead tattoo for many reasons. One of which was a reminder to not let zombies take over my life and to keep fighting to stay alive. The World's End. SPOILARS: When I saw Simon Pegg's character trying to relive his glory days just to feel alive, I wanted to cry. Alabama Song comes on...and I'm flooded in memory of my ex-boyfriend. He loved The Doors. He loved that song. And when I realized that when Gary King had tried to commit suicide...I almost lost it. Gulping up my tears, I felt moved to root for him to not give up. To fight to the bitter (or lager) end. This movie helped me find closure. It also is a reminder that we are all flawed & we are human. Not robots.
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By jared1978
Written September 02, 2013
I'm a big fan of both Shaun of the Dead & Hot Fuzz, but this movie was just awful. I think we laughed once, and the rest of the audience remained silent. Very disappointing.
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What a mess!

By durbanusa
Written September 05, 2013
We saw this movie based on the critic's reviews. All I can say is that they must have all fallen down outside the pubs and hit their heads. This was just a big, unfocused mess. This first third is about recapturing a lost youth, the next third was major fight scenes where reality disappeared, and the final third was a failed attempt to tie everything together. While the core idea (even the 'blanks") was good, the ancient Invaders From Mars was much better than this third installment. Just wish I had those two hours back. Don't waste yours.
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