World's End

By mborsheim
Written August 25, 2013
I really enjoyed this movie. It was well paced, really funny. Just like all movies today, I wish the fight scenes weren't so jittery. Would have been nice to see more detail. All in all, a fun afternoon, and would like to see it again. It is a repeater.
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The World’s End (or Invasion of the Body Snatcher Robots)

By archerry07a
Written September 04, 2013
The World’s End is extremely well-crafted science-fiction; the external conflict of homicidal robots mirrors the protagonist’s internal struggle, which makes for a thoroughly good film. The movie balances its humor with its drama, and has some of the most well-crafted and exciting fight sequences in recent memory. The characters are believable and relatable, and the story as a whole is unique, even though its basic components aren’t necessarily novel. In all, the film is a fitting end to a smart and hilarious trio of stories that explore the concept of how to grow up without getting old, and how to fit in without losing yourself in the process. Unless you have had your heart or your sense of humor surgically removed, this movie is a must-see. Those who enjoyed Shaun of the Dead and/or Hot Fuzz, should grab everyone they know and run to The World’s End. Visit for more reviews of all the latest movies!
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The critics are always wrong...

By blackth0rn
Written August 24, 2013
I wanted to see this to support Martin Freeman, and I really thought this would be a fun and humorous movie. It started out very slow and awkward, followed by a funny middle that lasted maybe 30 mins. But the end of the movie was horrible and depressing and ruined what good the movie did have. Despite what everyone's saying, DON'T SEE THIS!
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I think this is the best movie of 2013

By destroyer769
Written January 11, 2014
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What a Bummer!

By barry108
Written August 28, 2013
What a waste of time! I know you have to suspend logic to enjoy a movie like this, but even the premise is so lame that nothing can be believed. The beautiful special effects are without heart. Hold on to your $$$.
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