Funny Parts but Fell Short of Expectations

By jenelj
Written August 25, 2013
Funny parts but it fell short of expectations, and that's saying something considering how few expectations I had going in. Wait for DVD/Streaming ... nothing about the big screen price is necessary for this movie
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World's End is FAN-tastic!

By jcrawfordtccasl
Written August 24, 2013
Went into this not sure what to expect, but my husband really wanted to go! I laughed throughout the show, loved the romance aspect and just really enjoyed the whole movie! You must go and see it!
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Ridiculous but Fun

By suemarie
Written August 31, 2013
This is a very entertaining movie. Simon Pegg is perfect as the slacker getting the gang back together for pub crawling. Of course some crazy things get in the way. Just sit back and enjoy. Not for the small kids.
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The World's end

By tameramorrison
Written September 06, 2013
I went to this movie because both the public and critic reviews were pretty good. I thought the movie was horrible! It was long and boring, ridiculous but not even funny.
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Fun, lots of good moments, just don't expect Academy Award material

By Keygrip aspirations
Written September 06, 2013
After seeing Hot Fuzz (fair) and Shaun of the Dead (decent) I was ready for The Worlds End. A fun night of silly entertainment. The woman with her son sitting next to me left 10 minutes in because of the language. It's not a kids movie, it's stupid humor but it's adult stupid humor. I enjoyed it and it had some great moments. Don't set the bar too high for expectations and it's a good time
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