It's All OVer!!!

By jasonzumwalt
Written August 24, 2013
That's how you end a trilogy. It took longer to get to the "fun" of the alien robot plot line than I thought it would, but I honestly had to ask myself, "Was it even needed?" Yes, that's when the big laughs come and the action is fantastic, but the story being told of the man lost in nostalgia rings true with any group of old friends. If you loved the first two, see it right away. With the right audience it will play like a big fun summer action movie. If Hot Fuzz wasn't your bag, well, ***&^ off then. Who needs you anyway?
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World's End

By 1stock1
Written September 01, 2013
To enjoy this film you have to be able to understand a variety of UK accents. It's sort of like Monty Python in that respect. IF you can't understand the dialog, you miss half the jokes. Having said that, I would give this adult rated film a solid B-.for a UK film with few identifiable stars to a US audience. It does however have a very unique story line and every Big Hollywood studio would have passed on it. If have a couple of hours to spend when you can see it at matinee prices, it's world a look. Definitely not a date movie.
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It will bookend our Shaun/Hot Fuzz movies

By idlehanz
Written October 22, 2014
Nick Frost/Simon Pegg = must go. We took our daughter along and she loved it as well. One reviewer said this was no "Scott Pilgrim vs the World" which was good in my book (I thought that movie was stupid). This had site gags and one-liners through-out, a few fence jumpings. colored with what is the nature of human relationships and the complexity, and disappointments, and rewards of friendships. Well done lads.
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A British Humour funny movie

By bgardiner
Written January 25, 2015
If you liked Hot Fuzz, you will enjoy this movie. The humour is British, but the audience was laughing loudly during the show that I saw. It is a mashup of buddy, drinking, and Stepford Wives movies, but in general works well.
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The World's End Felt Like it Would Never End

By sprnstn84
Written August 27, 2013
As a huge fan of Simon Pegg and Nick frost, I loved the idea of this last film from the pair. I loved Shawn of the Dead and Paul, and sort of enjoyed Hot Fuzz. This was hyped to the best of the lot and it is easily the worst. Not really funny, but slightly amusing at the start, the film's purpose seems lost as the lads go on a pub crawl. Maybe if the stars of the film were having a good time together, we could embrace them more and actually root for them once the badness starts. But instead they come across as sticks in the mud and when the badness comes you really don't care if they get killed or not. The fight scenes are endless and strain credibility. These drunken wimps can fight gangs of people? Sad to see it end like this. The Freditor
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