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Forgotten History

By w1ddleboy
Written April 18, 2007
Many people either don't know or don't want to know about how in this country of "religious freedom" thousands were illegally forced to flee thier homes and abandon land they had legally purchased. This movie and its predecessors are a reminder of that dark time in American history. That is just the backdrop to a gripping family drama that always has you guessing what will come around the next corner. Will the main family ever get back together? Go see these films to find out. This movie provides good family entertainment in a time when it is hard to find.
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Work & Glory A house divided

By scottwbentley
Written November 28, 2006
I thought it was very good and hope there are more
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Work & the Glory III

By funflicks
Written November 28, 2006
I read all of the books written by Gerald Lund...His writing was mesmerizing and very addictive...I have never enjoyed reading so much. I realize that the movies can not possibly cover all of the events contained in the books. The first 2 movies were very enjoyable but the third one was a little boring and moved very slowly...I also was disappointed in the character that played Caroline.....Other than her low-cute dresses, she just didnt have enough spunk and personality that a character like Joshua Steed would marry....I also had anticipated this movie for a long time and wasn't very satisfied with it's results...I will, however, go and see every additional movie that is produced of the Work and the Glory because of my love for the books.
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Okay, told me what the film was about

By Movie goer to the max
Written December 26, 2006
I enojyed the film, and felt an emotional connection to the characters in spite of the so-so acting on the part of some of the actors. The editing was not as well done as the 2nd film in this series, things seemed to jump around without much connection. I liked Ben Steed from the very first movie and liked the actor who plays him, I like him even more now. The man who played Gov Boggs did an outstanding job, I can't stand him!
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Too bad it's only a trilogy!

By megamovies
Written December 08, 2006
I loved this movie. I have enjoyed all three. The ending is a little dissapointing, but understandable since this is not the end of the story. There are are nine books and I really wish they were making a movie version of all of them. Very well done! The worst part really is that there is not going to be a sequal.
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