The Work and the Glory III - A House Divided Synopsis
Joshua returns to Missouri, and his family may be torn apart by violence and rumor.


Movie Reviews

Forgotten History

By w1ddleboy
Many people either don't know or don't want to know about how in this country of "religious freedom" thousands were illegally forced to flee thier homes and abandon land they had legally purchased. ...

Work & Glory A house divided

By scottwbentley
I thought it was very good and hope there are more...

Work & the Glory III

By funflicks
I read all of the books written by Gerald Lund...His writing was mesmerizing and very addictive...I have never enjoyed reading so much. I realize that the movies can not possibly cover all of the...

Okay, told me what the film was about

By Movie goer to the max
I enojyed the film, and felt an emotional connection to the characters in spite of the so-so acting on the part of some of the actors. The editing was not as well done as the 2nd film in this...

Too bad it's only a trilogy!

By megamovies
I loved this movie. I have enjoyed all three. The ending is a little dissapointing, but understandable since this is not the end of the story. There are are nine books and I really wish they were...

the work and glory III

By angela_movie_fan
A must see want to see more. Left wanting mush more. The one film you don't mind taking your family to see, over and over....

The Work and the Glorry III

By kiwibird
I really enjoyed the movie. I would recomend it to anyone. Movie stayed very close to the books....

Work and the Glory III

By jarchh
I enjoyed this movie, but it seemed to have a pretty nondescript ending. It left me feeling like, "where's the rest?" It did finish the trilogy story, so I would recommend it, especially if you...

wonderfull movie

By jomoma1954
I just loved this and all work and glory movies. I loved the actor that played Joseph smith. He just did such a wonderfull job. This time in the LDS church was hard and the portail was wonderfull....

The work and the glory III - A house divided

By cjerue
The books are better as usual with movies but it is a great final to the first two movies....