The Words

By NewZealandkiwi
Written September 09, 2012
Really super movie. If you like fast-paced action-type movies, this movie is probably not for you. At times it moves rather slowly but not so that it's boring. Great storyline and concept and loved the way it moved back and forth in time with intriguing storylines in each. Super acting and riveting as far as wondering what was going to happen next. Enjoyed it very much.
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By evenparabola
Written October 01, 2014
If you enjoy endings that leave you guessing or saying "WHAT??" out loud, then this one you should see. Otherwise, don't waste your time. The story itself was a very moving story but the ending completely ruined it. There wasn't an ending. It just ended with a giant THUD. It actually made us annoyed knowing we sat through the whole thing with all these great actors but the ending was terrible. Maybe see it on DVD.. if you want to. Otherwise, pass all together.
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The Words

By joecul
Written September 12, 2012
It'll hold your interest, that's for sure. At times the plot is predictable, at other times it'll keep you wondering. The story line is unique, the acting is excellent, and the production techniques are truly great. I went with my wife & two of her female friends, "God help me". From a female's perspective they said it was wonderful & they loved it. From a male's viewpoint, I think it might be worth the fortune we spent to get in to see it, of course, that included our drinks and popcorn &, my Twizzlers. i won't give away the story line because I would say, "Go see it", it was a good flick. I forgot to mention that my 11 yr old grand daughter also went with us. She said she didn't understand it & she is quite smart. One last thing, there was only two instances of profanity, that I recall, & that to me made it a good film. No nudity, but a lot of kissing and fondling. The love scenes left it to your imagination, for the most part, & for that I'm truly grateful.
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Worst Movie I Have Seen In A While

By awynne870
Written December 29, 2014
This move was a total waste of about 2 hours of my life. I wanted to go ask for my money back. It starts off pretty slow and then it never picks up. And then before you know it the movie just dies and it’s over. If you like really vague pointless movies then it is perfect for you. Otherwise take my advice don't waste your time.
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The Words

By Chooch4
Written January 31, 2015
Finally a good movie! Hope you don't have someone who likes to talk sitting around you because you have to listen. It leaves you thinking about long after it's over. Would like to see it again!
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