Great Movie

By de2425
Written September 29, 2016
Definitely not a fast mover but an awesome watch for anyone who enjoys a great drama with light surprises.
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The Words

By Realtornotcritic
Written December 02, 2016
Good movie, especially if you want to figure it out after if's over! All said and done, we walked out and spent the next hour discussing what we think happened. Not because we missed anything, but because it was a story in a story (I think). It kept us talking about it and wondering what others thought as well. Interesting, but not definative. Probably not interesting enough for anyone under 20+, though there's no violence or cursing. Nothing inappropriate. I'll watch for it to be released for home viewing and watch again to see if I missed anything that would've lead me to a clearer interpretation of the ending.
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The Words

By illuminoids
Written February 12, 2016
Bradley Cooper's best movie yet, hands down! Don't believe the critics. Yes, the plot has twists and turns, is very interesting, and by the end of the movie it makes complete sense. Very well produced with great performances by all players. It appears that some of the critics didn't see the whole flick, or maybe too brain dead to follow it. Don't miss!
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real or not real?

By rich2ubud
Written July 23, 2016
Well, I knew it wasn't going to have much action, but I like Bradly Cooper and he is great in this movie. It's somewhat slow, but it reels you in trying to figure out what is reality and what is not. My wife enjoyed it more I think. But its worth checking out especially if your going on a date.
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Just So-S0

By behrlvr
Written January 22, 2017
Movie started going down hill probably about three quarters of the way through. Ending didnt make any sense unless there will be a sequel to the movie to finish off. Left the theater really not knowing if I like it or not.
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