Wait for the DVD and don't expect suspense

By bblboy54
Written September 16, 2012
I honestly may not have thought this movie was so bad if it was marketed as something else. I will admit that there was a wonderful story inside of this movie and it took an interesting angle but the only suspense I had was waiting for when it was going to "get good". As I watched this movie I kept seeing that little bit of hope that conflict was coming just around the corner but conflict never arose and if I think back to my high school english classes I really don't think I could point out where the climax of the movie was.
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great movie

By lovemoviesll2
Written October 22, 2014
really liked this movie. held my interest the whole time. i liked all the actors,especially Cooper and Irons. was still thinking and talking about it at dinner!!
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The Words

By artistfromsummerville
Written July 30, 2015
Although the story line could have been really good, the clumsiness of the plot made it a bit hard to follow at times. Also, not sure that Dennis Quaid was the best choice, nor his love interest.
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Wait for it on Netflix

By CJDean
Written July 30, 2015
Plot was interesting, but was confusing at points. Didn't understand who the guy was that was telling the story. The ending was left open for your interpretation. Don't like stories with no resolution.
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Great Movie

By de2425
Written March 27, 2015
Definitely not a fast mover but an awesome watch for anyone who enjoys a great drama with light surprises.
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