A Waste of Words

By filmfanny
Written September 15, 2012
I thought I was going to watch a movie for adults; instead, I watched a movie that looked and sounded like a precocious high-schooler's project. Poor choice of actors, poor dialogue (trot out every over wrought cliche possible), and dreadful acting. Irons? What a ham. Cooper? Does he really think staring into space is acting? Zoe? Did she ever leave that apartment? Quaid? Dear heaven, man, you need to thank the Lord for television! Wilde? Mouthing vulgarities and about as convincing as a goldfish. The plot is sooo arty...who is the real writer, is the old man made up, how much is truth, how much fiction, what is a blend of all of these, what are pipe dreams? In the hands of more skilled writers, actors, and directors, this might have been interesting. As it is, you might be able to tell I was really disappointed.
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The Words

By dbarnes816
Written September 10, 2012
I thought it was a good movie, although I hated the ending and also could not figure out why the Olivia Wilde character existed. I think this story could have been told in a different way.
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Surprisingly good

By shelbybeau
Written September 10, 2012
I went to this movie because I had nothing else to do on a Sunday. Wow...I was pleasantly surprised. The movie had me riveted from start to finish. I wanted to know more about the characters at every turn! Excellent story telling.
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The Words

By joecul
Written September 12, 2012
It'll hold your interest, that's for sure. At times the plot is predictable, at other times it'll keep you wondering. The story line is unique, the acting is excellent, and the production techniques are truly great. I went with my wife & two of her female friends, "God help me". From a female's perspective they said it was wonderful & they loved it. From a male's viewpoint, I think it might be worth the fortune we spent to get in to see it, of course, that included our drinks and popcorn &, my Twizzlers. i won't give away the story line because I would say, "Go see it", it was a good flick. I forgot to mention that my 11 yr old grand daughter also went with us. She said she didn't understand it & she is quite smart. One last thing, there was only two instances of profanity, that I recall, & that to me made it a good film. No nudity, but a lot of kissing and fondling. The love scenes left it to your imagination, for the most part, & for that I'm truly grateful.
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Wait for it at home

By MovieGuyDC
Written September 09, 2012
An interesting move to watch at home, if you have nothing else to do. Not worth the $$s in the theater. Too bad, I really wanted it to work. Someone I was with ... who is a BIG movie fan, said when it abruptly ends... "that's it". Read the Variety review if you want more info. - [BLOCKED WEBSITE]
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