The Words, Wonderful Movie!

By flipper7
Written January 18, 2017
I would rate "The Words" movie. 5 stars. ***** The critics evidently 'didn't get' the movie at all. It is a story, in a story in a story, so one has to pay attention. If you are 20 something, you might not be able to appreciate/like the movie, because you have not experienced enough of 'life' yet. Otherwise, it is a movie with a message, that everyone should definitely recognize. It is not just one love story. It is not just about someone stealing another person's words. It is about the human frailty in all of us. The actors all gave an excellent performance.. It is a very deep, emotional, thought provoking , poignant film, which I plan to see again, I rarely ever see a movie more than one time.. Dumb Critics! p.s. I saw it a second time 3 days later, and it was great. The musical score throughout the film was amazing.!
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The Words

By mam01
Written March 23, 2017
Four of us attended and good thing. We had a discussion as the playwrights were scrolling. The movie has a few great lessons for life! Unfortunately, it confused an older lady after the movie in which we had to explain it to her. I like variety in movies, so I thought it was good.
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By thedoctor777
Written March 24, 2017
This is a wonderful movie, so why the so/so review? It's very slow and drawn out. There is absolutely no action scenes, explosions, car chases or anything let will excite you. What it is, is a story of a lost love and the plagiarism of a mans words. The acting is good and the story is wonderful. I really believe that if you are over 40 you will love this one. If your a teenager or in your 20's or 30"s I don't think you will focus for a couple of hours to see the story within the story being told. There are three plots going on at the same time. I won't describe the three for you that will attend a showing. It is a good movie; but deep, so you have to follow along and pay attention. The director and the screenplay writer did a fantastic job in this films continuity. I know I said it was slow; but I think this story had to be done in the manner it was. I'm just not sure that mainstream audiences will accept the pace favorably.
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just okay

By seema400
Written February 24, 2017
Saw the movie last night. It does show how one lie can end up turning into a huge one and impact so many lives. However, to me I felt like the movie didn't really give any resolution and I was just left with a huh? kind of feeling. The acting was really great and I think writers would probably be able to relate to this a lot more than us non-writers
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A grown-up movie at last

By ellenlesteryoung
Written December 04, 2016
After a summer of entertainment aimed at feeding the adolescent need for expressions of violence and angry adventure, we are "treated" to the anguish of adults needing success and the decision-making that will bring it to them, regardless of the morality and courage necessary to conduct meaningful lives. It's the "tough" road to success versus an easy answer to solving your "problems."
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