Don't Listen to Critics

Written January 16, 2017
I read the critics reviews and only conclusion is that they all connected with the angst of the writer character. I did not find confusing and connected the three stories within a few minutes of the movie. Well written, very well acted, Park scene with Irons and Bradley Cooper was wonderful. I wonder if people couldn't identify with the integrity angst of the film. With so many charting at school and unfazed by it, perhaps viewers and critics non plussed. Zoe went beyond my expectations for her range.
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By goodglove
Written May 04, 2016
Great concept - story within a story within a story. Poorly executed by Bradley Cooper. Jeremy Irons is awesome as usual but can't carry the film. Wait for the DVD and watch it if you don't have any other options.
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The Words

By bhumphrey109303
Written October 25, 2016
LOVED this movie - kept you guessing all the way up to the end. Not sure why we haven't heard much about this movie. Well known actors - my husband and I both thought it was excellent.
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what a waste of talent...

By SweetDreamTATI
Written April 24, 2017
this movie is a story within a story within a story... and isn't clever. the dennis quaid and olivia wilde story is forced and annoying; this whole story could have been cut and maybe had made the film better but then there are the other parts of the story that have problems; zoe's character is self-centered and i don't think as an audience member i'm supposed to think this- i think they were going for a couple that is a partnership more of a unit than 2 individuals in a relationship but i never think of them as an unbreakable team; so her reactions to his emotions and problems just come across as self-absorbed and kind of selfish... so i didn't care about them. then the 3rd story - its the most compelling and just wish they had made different choices with the actors (why is younger Jeremy irons' character speaking with an amercian accent; this is explained away by being born in london; i guess so the older jeremy irons can have an british accent; i guess accents develop with age.
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Wait for the DVD and don't expect suspense

By bblboy54
Written February 25, 2017
I honestly may not have thought this movie was so bad if it was marketed as something else. I will admit that there was a wonderful story inside of this movie and it took an interesting angle but the only suspense I had was waiting for when it was going to "get good". As I watched this movie I kept seeing that little bit of hope that conflict was coming just around the corner but conflict never arose and if I think back to my high school english classes I really don't think I could point out where the climax of the movie was.
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