The Words

By wohl62
Written October 01, 2014
Both my wife and I liked it a lot and it was quite emotional. The acting, direction and story were great throughout but left us wondering at the end-about the ending. I could have thought of several different choices as all might.
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Wait for it on Netflix

By CJDean
Written December 20, 2014
Plot was interesting, but was confusing at points. Didn't understand who the guy was that was telling the story. The ending was left open for your interpretation. Don't like stories with no resolution.
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The Words

By illuminoids
Written July 31, 2014
Bradley Cooper's best movie yet, hands down! Don't believe the critics. Yes, the plot has twists and turns, is very interesting, and by the end of the movie it makes complete sense. Very well produced with great performances by all players. It appears that some of the critics didn't see the whole flick, or maybe too brain dead to follow it. Don't miss!
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By tomswartz
Written September 08, 2012
I think a couple of the West Coast critics were a little hard on it; although they had their points.This movie is a bit emotional for Mr Action Guy, although he definitely displayed his pain and anguish over the situation he put himself in. In his shoes I must admit I'm not what I would have done. I felt Zoe's reaction was overly done, and too harsh. Theres's a time to be tough, and time to be compassionate. Do you really want to crush your spouse when they're at their most vulnerable? In agreement with one critic; for me it was a couple pages short, and left me with out closure..Pthfndr.
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The Words

Written July 31, 2014
I was not really impressed with this movie. The movie was way no slow and I personally did not care for it. I would not recommend this movie to a friend that is for sure. I was almost to the point of leaving about half way through the movie. I was a little bored to say the least! See at your own risk. Just wish I would not have paid so much to see this show.
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