By lugubriousthespian
Written April 05, 2009
Film noir at the height of its melodramatic zenith here in German master Fritz Lang's go around with the American genre as he casts Edward G. Robinson as a college professor who unwisely gets mixed up with a shady woman after being invited to her apartment after hours when the wife and kids are on holiday. Complications naturally ensue when in a moment of self-defense he kills a jilted man caller and both he and the woman try to make a pact to cover up the crime with as little questions as possible. Later he discovers his best friend who just so happens to be a district attorney is investigating the crime and inadvertently has him tag along with the investigation if only to gnaw and nag at his conscience! Yeah - RIGHT! Totally implausible fun from start to finish with near cop out "twist" ending nearly destroying the mood Lang has so elegantly fabricated up until a almost zany fade out! Still all in all - classic b&w chestnut!!
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