Watched between my fingers

By halliecat99
Written January 28, 2015
This is a very atmospheric, old-fashioned ghost story. No huge twists, but very satisfying plot nevertheless. The acting was solid - nice to see Daniel Radcliffe in a more grown-up role. The setting was suitably eerie - seriously, who lives in these decaying old mansions? If you like "The Haunting", "The Others", and ghost stories like Henry James's "The Turn of the Screw", you will like this movie. Do not see it if you are one of those people who watches every horror movie and goes "Yeah, right." I grant you that any sane person would have bugged out of the haunted house in the first ten minutes. That is beside the point. Also, avoid it if monkeys and clowns freak you out. Not too scary for preteens and up, but probably too much for the 10 and under set.
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Fun Ride -- Pee in your Pants!

By LaLaMoolah
Written March 23, 2015
THE WOMAN IN BLACK is a Victorian AMITYVILLE HORROR meets WINTER'S BONE meets POLTERGEIST. Exquisite costumes, sets, and cinematography shot amid Sleepy Hollowesque colors and lighting set the spooky tone for Daniel Radcliffe's eerie pursuit as a young lawyer searching for clues in an old decrepit English seaside mansion creaking with the memories of its tragically deceased family members. This artistic suspense thriller has over a dozen hearty heart stoppers due, in part, to the Director’s skillful peripheral attention to storytelling detail. Kudos to the film’s frightfully sadistic Sound Engineer who knows a good adrenaline rush when he hears one. This is a pee-in-your-pants movie. Parents, although this film has no sex, nudity, or profanity, there are images of suicide and the demise of children. Also, your kids will have nightmares if they sleep within a ghost’s reach of their favorite toy box or doll house. Guys, great date-clutching movie! (reviewed by Johnny Hollywood)
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Classic Horror is Back in Black!

By Mousedancing
Written January 28, 2015
This is the kind of creepy, old school horror that you remember scaring the heck out of you as a kid. Wonderful movie that brings back the best of jump out of your seat scariness. Daniel Ratcliff is awesome, and the townspeople and back story all come together for a great old school, suspenseful horror film. It's nice to have classic creepy horror back in the (movie) house!
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The Woman In Black

By Darkola
Written June 27, 2015
This is a good "old fashioned" type scary movie, it stars Daniel Radcliffe as the main character, we all know him as Harry Potter, and if you can get past that stereotype of him in the Harry Potter movies, he did a pretty decent job here, although not one that will win him any awards anytime soon, he does still need room to improve. The movie itself had a decent story to it, its not an action type movie at all, but more a haunting story. The scares in this movie were the good old fashion scares, no real special effects to over do it, to me it was just the right mix of the type of scares, and the proper timing for them. This isnt a movie that will stick in your mind, but to me, it is one that I'd like to see maybe once every couple years. I myself wood give this close to 3 out of 4 stars, maybe not quit the 3 stars, but close, and would recommend if your looking for decent scary movie to see, then go see this one, it may not scare the hell out of you, but it will make you jump.
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Good for a scare!

By sreynolds1428
Written February 04, 2012
The woman is black was everything I expected. Going in i knew this was going to be a scary one. great work by the director to really get the blood pumpin. Alot of jumpy scenes that will make ur heart skip. radcliff really plays this part well although not much interaction with other actors. i think this was a great film for him to start his career "post potter" era. anyways, if your with a date or just want to be scared, woman is black is the movie for you. This is definitely a GO movie!
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