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I love Hugh Jackman

By lisnaomi
Written February 23, 2017
I have to see all the XMen movies because Hugh Jackman plays such a great portrayal of Wolverine. This movie is much better than the first XMen Origins: Wolverine, and the action and special effects make it worth spending the extra money to see it in the theater.
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Frank's The Wolverine review

By franks1978
Written February 25, 2017
The plot is perfunctory at best, and the final battle between Wolverine and The Silver Samurai is kind of cartoonish, but overall this movie holds your attention because there is an attempt to develop Wolverine as a character (he actually has and arc!) and because it's fun to watch Hugh Jackman punch people and spout hard-boiled dialogue. The general bloodlessness of combat in this movie is a little disappointing, however. While Wolverine is burned, slashed by samurai swords, poisoned, impaled, etc, very rarely do we see Wolverine slice someone's arm off or stick his claws in someone's heart with murderous rage in his eyes. When it does happen, it is usually off screen, and there is no blood. Bloody violence and a penchant for homicide (usually with some justification), in my opinion, is an essential component of Wolverine's character, but here (and in all of the X-films for that matter) the filmmakers and producers are kind of gutless.
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Finally a "Wolverine" movie you can be proud of

By FrozenFear
Written February 28, 2017
After the mess that was "X-Men Origins: Wolverine", the bar was set pretty low for this movie. Thankfully, it berserker-leaped right over that bar, slashing it into a million little pieces.
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Pretty good movie

By darcwonn
Written February 24, 2017
This movie works off of the fact that it doesn't get boring and it relates to Logan's shame of killing Jean. It stays pretty action packed and takes him back to Japan. Wolverine enthusiasts get to see Mariko, Yukio, and even the Silver Samurai. So, there are some good reasons to see the movie off of characterization and plot alone. But the ending is what will REALLY get people excited. Make sure to stay for the ending. Stay for the ending! All in all, it is a pretty good movie. The acting was on point. The cinematography was good. Personally, I wish they would get into more of Wolverine's exploits. However, it would take 10-12 movies to cover all of that. If you want an action movie with a lot of fighting and high flying antics, Wolverine works. Oh, and if you take your kids, be warned there are a few curse words used here and there.
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Closest rendition to the character Marvel created

By rbishop903
Written March 23, 2017
This outing was far superior to the Origins movie. It had comedy, drama, and action. It did create some questions that make the continuity between movies questionable. I thought X:men and X:men 2 were good. X:3 was a little disappointing. Wolverine Origins was tragically flawed. I am discussing the plot and script elements. I think the actors were all good. The First Class movie was just bad. I didn't like the script, I didn't like the acting. The only thing worth watching the movie for was January Jones in revealing outfits. I am only including this information about the other movies so you will know where I stand on the scale for judging the movies. That way you can determine if my assessment of this movie will be a help to you.
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