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The Wolverine movie you've always wanted!

By theoey
Written April 23, 2017
Less bombastic then other recent comic adaptions, The Wolverine is more of a character study of the man that is James Howlett aka Logan. With a strong supporting cast, tight action sets, and the steady hand of director James Mangold, The Wolverine is top notch!
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By itshoho
Written May 24, 2017
Good movie, a little slow to the action parts because more time was spent on developing the storyline. Don't leave right after the movie end or you'll miss the surprise.
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Great Movie Alot of Action

By NJoceangrl
Written August 13, 2013
Saw the Wolverine and it was definitely worth watching it in the theater. Hugh Jackman has the character down and the action scenes were really well done. Wolverine is my favorite X-Men character and this movie did not disappoint. Will see it again and am planning on buying the DVD.
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Why detract from a good show by dropping an F-bomb?

By romneyrm
Written May 05, 2016
Hugh Jackman, as expected, plays the title role with passion and character. The supporting roles are also well played, and the action is intense though bloody, even gruesome at times. The giant robot is too giant; man-sized would have been more believable. Casual sex? Hollywood seems to think it's always normal, and so of course Wolverine sleeps with the leading lady. Can't people fall in love anymore without jumping into bed? Worst of all, in one of the climactic moments, Wolverine drops a gratuitous F-bomb, an unexpected ambush in a PG-13 movie. Why does Hollywood always insist on "sneaking in" such language? Ratings, once again, seem to be deteriorating. Many parents would think this movie should be rated R. I rate it "go," but be aware before you go. Also, we left before the surprise in the credits. Stick around so you don't miss the surprise.
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I'm Sorry To all the Wolverine Evolution fans.

By ticonley07
Written July 31, 2016
I love Marvel and I absolutely love the character Wolverine. But this movie and his last movie is destroying the character. Wolverine is known for being a bad attitude, tough killing machine. He was so weak in this movie before and after his healing powers were taken. Sorry for the spoiler but if you want to be depressed like wolverine go see this movie. I pay to see wolverine kick ***not cry about his Jean Grey wet dreams. Get back to the basics wolverine directors and writers. Project X, berserker barrage's, and weapon X kind of stuff. Only reason this movie will do well in the box office is because we like wolverine. Stop killing the character.
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