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Wolverine Movie

By jhoover01
Written September 16, 2013
It was a good movie. I like that it went outside the US and had some karate moves in it. It is nice to know that there will be another movie after this one. I can't wait to get the DVD!
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i wanted a better movie

By gevin2u
Written July 26, 2013
I was really, really wanting this to be an amazing movie, but once i saw the bullet train fight scene...i knew i would be lost. I want all of my superhero movies to be...super and this movie was not. While it was a good movie and a better movie than "X-Men: the Last Stand" it was ruined by the SPOILER ALERT underlying love stories that were being played throughout the movie. I want my green screen effects to be seamless like in the "Avengers" and that bullet train scene was SO far fetched that it made me long for the days when actors suffered for the craft. there were a lot of holes in the plot and things that went unexplained and the ending...well stevie wonder could have seen that one coming a mile away. I wanted a hard as nails killer wolverine...not a lost in his past love sick puppy
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By Hartson
Written September 05, 2013
I like the character. I found the scenes with Jean and interesting addition. Definitely worth go to..
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Best of the Wolverine Movies!

By MrChristopherL
Written July 27, 2013
This rates right up with Captain America as a movie that stuck closest to the origins of the hero in the comics. Great fight scenes. All that was missing was a Stan Lee cameo.
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good stand alone

By dgrillo2
Written August 24, 2013
Went last night to see Wolverine. It is really good and I enjoyed the excitement and suspense. Had a few twists and turns.The special effects were great and some very clever adds. I would watch again. Of course, they were using this movie to set the stage for additional upcoming X-Men series movie! But I enjoyed that series too! :)
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