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OK, but kind of boring

By linalpop00
Written November 27, 2015
Lots of action, not much plot or character development. Our son who is a Wolverine expert said the the movie left out the best and better parts of the story and added quite a bit new...but not really for the good. He didn't like it that much either. If you're really into the character, you might enjoy it, but there's noting particularly interesting or compelling about this version.
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By lkinnard
Written May 04, 2016
For those of you that love the superhero movies, this is a must see. The Wolverine takes place post X-Men and it kicks so much tail.
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I liked it.

By MSchaid
Written August 01, 2013
Wolverine has always been the most interesting of the marvel characters because he has a real back story. To see wolverine weakened and fighting for his life rather than being nearly immortal was a nice change. It shows him as a true hero instead of just an immortal killing machine. I dig it.
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Ho hum

By millsythekiwi
Written April 25, 2015
It has to be said that the X-Men franchise has certainly got longevity. With the number of different ways in which each mutant can be examined, there are surely many more movies in the pipeline. That said, Wolverine has been one of the most examined, Unfortunately, this movie was tired and predictable. Hugh Jackman was his normal, brooding self throughout, but the plot was at best weak, and the ending predictable. To be honest, the best part of the movie was the last three minutes that were shown during the ending credits. I won't reveal what it was, but it was a portend for what could be a good movie. As for The Wolverine, I have to say that it left me flat and disappointed.
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Just Okay

By sdjmaho
Written February 13, 2016
I am a purist and was hoping for a movie similar in nature to the first Wolverine movie which in my estimation was about a comic book hero(and one of my favorites) in a movie. I got the impression with this movie that it is was a movie with the comic book hero included. It didn't ring true to me and the Japanese setting , the karate moves, the Yakuza, Samurai and ninjas and the inclusion of the Doctor who was actually a mutant....a bit much for one movie. For comic book/Wolverine purists - go see it (so you can see you did) but at a matinee when the tickets are cheaper......
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