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Better than what I had expected !

By jameshendricksjr
Written July 01, 2015
The whole theme of the movie with Wolverine fighting the Yasuda company, yakuza, and his own inner demons blended well together. I especially loved the setting in Japan, that brought back alot of good memories when I lived there! The fight scenes were really well done, especially the bullet train fight. Al of thr actors were dead on, no damsels in distress who were help,es, and Hugh Jackson was incredible, you can tell he LOVES this role. I didn't expect an Oscar winning film, just a good action flick that wouldn't I suit my intelligence. And you really should wait for the teaser during the ending credits...
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The Wolverine

By stevetuf
Written July 04, 2015
Here is a movie where you are in suspense the whole time, waiting to see what happens next! It is action-packed from the get-go, never letting up for a moment... James Mangold has created far and away the best of the Wolverine movies so far. Hugh Jackman is outstanding as the mutant warrior and we see him going through trial of strength after trial of strength. The action is constant and the sense of adventure is gripping! Also we are introduced to some Japanese actors who are a major part of the action, too. Rila Fukushima and Tao Okamoto play outstanding roles as the action gets thicker and thicker. The fight at the temple is beautifully orchestrated and the struggle on the top of a fast-moving Japanese "bullet" train is amazing to watch. I was sitting on my hands for most of the movie, the action was so intense! I have never seen an atomic bomb go off, so the beginning of the movie is a truly amazing piece of not only history being unfolded, but movie history too.
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The Woverine

By eldyron
Written October 26, 2014
Starts out a little slow then builds up and has lots of action towards the end...(without giving too much plot away).I wish they would have left some of the "wekaness" issues shorter to allow more of the real deal more time in the movie, but overall it was a very good flick. Oh, stay past the credits too, I would have left but staff told me to stay and I am glad I did, it was awesome
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Great Movie

By rboll
Written November 22, 2014
This was a great action movie with enough humor to let you catch you breath. I found myself saying, "I was not expecting that!" I would recommend this to any Wolverine fans. Keep in mind this nort an X-Man movie. Great plot
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OK, but kind of boring

By linalpop00
Written October 25, 2014
Lots of action, not much plot or character development. Our son who is a Wolverine expert said the the movie left out the best and better parts of the story and added quite a bit new...but not really for the good. He didn't like it that much either. If you're really into the character, you might enjoy it, but there's noting particularly interesting or compelling about this version.
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