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The Wolverine movie you've always wanted!

By theoey
Written July 01, 2015
Less bombastic then other recent comic adaptions, The Wolverine is more of a character study of the man that is James Howlett aka Logan. With a strong supporting cast, tight action sets, and the steady hand of director James Mangold, The Wolverine is top notch!
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Wasn't my favorite Wolverine but the talking kid behind me didn't help

By cherman65
Written June 30, 2015
Took the family to see Wolverine because nothing says family like a single guy clawing a bunch of bad guys to pieces. Personally - I liked the story of the last one better. In fact I also liked the last Xmen movie more too. This one seemed contrived and lacked the story line to really get me caring about the characters.
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I was entertained and it was good.

By darkmama18
Written December 19, 2014
I wouldn't say its a must go see but it was defintely a go see. The story line was good it was action packed and it kept my attention.
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The Wolverine

By rheidinger
Written January 26, 2015
We enjoyed the movie but loved the new AMC Arrowhead Theaters...The new remodeled seats are Great!! I loved the space between the rows of seats, so with my disability the space between the rows and the lazy-boy type seats, were wonderful!! Thanks, Shawn
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Good, maybe not great...but good.

By Squirrel Dude
Written January 31, 2015
Before I watched "Wolverine", a co-worker told the story, to me, in general, how the comic book revealed it. This didn't bother me. I must say, this movie went pretty much how he explained it to me, except in one way. That I won't describe, as any spoiler. But even so, I thought how the film played out this section was pretty darn good. As I write this, I haven't seen this co-worker yet, so I don't know if he liked the film or not? In any case, "Wolverine" has a good plot (to those who haven't seen it), and action. Set in Japan, the film treated the Japanese culture and language respectfully.
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