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The Wolverine was VERY good

By wcharlton1
Written August 31, 2016
The Wolverine was awesome! It was appropriately centered around the Wolverine character and explained quite a bit of his history. Special effects were excellent, and the Wolverine was exactly as expected. Loved the stark contrast between the Wolverine character and the love interest Mariko. I even loved the villain who was perfect in that role. What was really cool wa the Manchurian fighter character. How on earth did they manage to get that thing to move so fluidly? All in all I thought this was one of the best X-Men features yet!
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I'm Sorry To all the Wolverine Evolution fans.

By ticonley07
Written July 31, 2016
I love Marvel and I absolutely love the character Wolverine. But this movie and his last movie is destroying the character. Wolverine is known for being a bad attitude, tough killing machine. He was so weak in this movie before and after his healing powers were taken. Sorry for the spoiler but if you want to be depressed like wolverine go see this movie. I pay to see wolverine kick ***not cry about his Jean Grey wet dreams. Get back to the basics wolverine directors and writers. Project X, berserker barrage's, and weapon X kind of stuff. Only reason this movie will do well in the box office is because we like wolverine. Stop killing the character.
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I was entertained and it was good.

By darkmama18
Written August 26, 2016
I wouldn't say its a must go see but it was defintely a go see. The story line was good it was action packed and it kept my attention.
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Good, maybe not great...but good.

By Squirrel Dude
Written August 27, 2016
Before I watched "Wolverine", a co-worker told the story, to me, in general, how the comic book revealed it. This didn't bother me. I must say, this movie went pretty much how he explained it to me, except in one way. That I won't describe, as any spoiler. But even so, I thought how the film played out this section was pretty darn good. As I write this, I haven't seen this co-worker yet, so I don't know if he liked the film or not? In any case, "Wolverine" has a good plot (to those who haven't seen it), and action. Set in Japan, the film treated the Japanese culture and language respectfully.
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The Wolverine - reviewed by WJ

By whiskeyjane
Written October 27, 2016
I probably wouldn't have seen this if I hadn't won a free pass mostly because movies with battles are not my cup of tea. This movie had a lot of death and many battles. Still it was better than I expected and I liked it a lot. It had many ninja battels. a tall blonde snake lady, great scenes filmed in Japan, and a big shiny robot. The plot was interesting and this is the first time I have seen a Wolverine movie of any kind. Even with all the battles I liked it and would recommend it. I loved the fact that it was about new technology and robots.
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