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This is What an Action Movie Should Be About

By WooferBearATL
Written August 02, 2015
This is what redemption of action movies should be about. Though Superman was much better than the last.... it still fell apart when it fell into the "Transformer-ization" of action movies. When you lose the story to simple smash up and fight scenes.. you've lost the story... Wolverine does not suffer that fate. If and when you do go see this movie... You'll find a movie that is very much story driven. It's completely character focused and centered. The characters and the story are the center point of this action event. Some may say that it moved a bit slow at the beginning... In fact, one in our party thought that it moved a little slow at first. But, that is the danger of what we have seen on the screen this summer and last. Too much visual garbage and not enough about what movies are supposed to be. Thankfully this is a prime example of what is good in this genre of movie. Go See it... It's a Must.
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Somewhat entertaining

By NYPerson1
Written September 01, 2015
This movie was okay. Nothing special. Hugh Jackman is always fun, but the plot was _really_ slow and repetitive, and I kept waiting for something more interesting to happen. There was a pretty good fight scene on top of a train, but even that got dull pretty fast. Found myself wanting to check my watch repeatedly during the movie.
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By andiemetz
Written August 05, 2013
This movie had plenty of action, twists and a few turns. Very exciting, although I would be very selective of what aged child to bring. If you like Hugh Jackman, this movie will be one of your favorites.
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The End doesn't Justify Me sitting through this

By timharlan
Written July 30, 2013
Well choreographed fight scenes should be used to enhance a story, not as the primary mode of storytelling . The best part of the movie was the very end, but getting there wasn't worth the ticket price.
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Closest rendition to the character Marvel created

By rbishop903
Written March 06, 2015
This outing was far superior to the Origins movie. It had comedy, drama, and action. It did create some questions that make the continuity between movies questionable. I thought X:men and X:men 2 were good. X:3 was a little disappointing. Wolverine Origins was tragically flawed. I am discussing the plot and script elements. I think the actors were all good. The First Class movie was just bad. I didn't like the script, I didn't like the acting. The only thing worth watching the movie for was January Jones in revealing outfits. I am only including this information about the other movies so you will know where I stand on the scale for judging the movies. That way you can determine if my assessment of this movie will be a help to you.
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