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The Wolverine

By myloves6405
Written September 30, 2016
This is one of the best Wolverine shows that I have seen. The only problem I had was that the Movie usher sent me to a 3-D show and didn't tell me or give me 3-D glass. So I had to do my best to read the subtitles without the glasses. I was very disappointed in the people at the theater because they sent me to a show without anything on the outside that said this movie was 3-D and no one offered the glasses and by the time I figured that it was 3-D the movie had started and I didn't want to miss any of the movie. I spoke to the manager at the Regal Movie Theater and he apologize for the problems and offered me a free pass for a another show any time I would like to come back. I would highly recommend anyone who likes Hugh Jackman go see this show. He is good in this one too. It is different from the other Wolverine shows.
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Better than what I had expected !

By jameshendricksjr
Written September 27, 2016
The whole theme of the movie with Wolverine fighting the Yasuda company, yakuza, and his own inner demons blended well together. I especially loved the setting in Japan, that brought back alot of good memories when I lived there! The fight scenes were really well done, especially the bullet train fight. Al of thr actors were dead on, no damsels in distress who were help,es, and Hugh Jackson was incredible, you can tell he LOVES this role. I didn't expect an Oscar winning film, just a good action flick that wouldn't I suit my intelligence. And you really should wait for the teaser during the ending credits...
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The Wolverine

By baileyjedi
Written December 06, 2016
Being a fan of the comic books of marvel and DC makes it hard when you watch this movie and it has so many hollywood inconsistencies it. After I was able to get past that the movie was ok. And i'm hoping the movie can redeem itself with further chapters. All in all I give the movie a C. The effects were good and the storyline went well with the movie. Kids of all ages will enjoy the move but the die hards and comic book followers will feel a bit slighted and a few questions.
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Tinsel & Tine's Around the Web Picks for "The Wolverine"

By tinseltine
Written October 09, 2015
Bleeding Cool Interview with Rila Fukushima who plays Yukio, Wolverine's body guard and soothsayer of death - Q:“So, the first question has to be… ‘At what point did you realize that you were the coolest character in the movie?’…” RF:“Well…I was interested in the Yukio character because comics fans expect that she’s a bad***. She’s an assassin, she’s very strong…and particularly a strong woman. But James tried to explore a little bit deeper, I think the Yukio of the film has a lot of heart. That’s what I really liked about her. She’\s strong, but more importantly she’s a decent person. ” READ MORE - tinseltinecom
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Don't be a snob

By miloinstalls
Written February 10, 2016
Stop it with the comic book comparisons already. This movie rocks. A hero, soldier, berserker, armed with an incredible healing factor and a cool set of claws has to fight his own demons, a hundred ninjas, and a sick old man with more money (but not a cooler suit), than Tony Starks. Some parts were predictable but you still wanted to see it and when you did, you weren't disappointed.
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