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The Wolverine

By christophermpa
Written July 02, 2016
It is important to be mindful that the movie is about a comic book hero. That being said, Hugh Jackman was exceptional in the role. The storyline was quite interesting. And, the actors did what they could with what they were provided in terms of the screenplay. If you want to see this movie do so for two reasons. One, Hugh Jackman. Two, all of the combat scenes were amazing. If you want to see a movie for these two reasons, this reviewer encourages you to go see this movie.
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Better than the first.

By tigerlilly1888
Written July 02, 2016
This was better than the first one by far. explained a lot more about the character than before and went into his past which I liked far better than the story line from before. great improvement.
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I liked it

By Desh2424
Written July 26, 2013
Wolverine was a great watch, especially for the comic book Fans. Hugh Jackman is the real deal! He does a great job as Wolverine. The Post Credit got everyone wanting to see more!!! .. you have to love the post credit in these marvel movies!!!
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By lkinnard
Written May 04, 2016
For those of you that love the superhero movies, this is a must see. The Wolverine takes place post X-Men and it kicks so much tail.
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Better than what I had expected !

By jameshendricksjr
Written September 27, 2016
The whole theme of the movie with Wolverine fighting the Yasuda company, yakuza, and his own inner demons blended well together. I especially loved the setting in Japan, that brought back alot of good memories when I lived there! The fight scenes were really well done, especially the bullet train fight. Al of thr actors were dead on, no damsels in distress who were help,es, and Hugh Jackson was incredible, you can tell he LOVES this role. I didn't expect an Oscar winning film, just a good action flick that wouldn't I suit my intelligence. And you really should wait for the teaser during the ending credits...
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