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The Wolverine Slashes Back

By JosephJLiss
Written July 29, 2013
I am very pleased to say that they finally captured the true essence of Wolverine in this movie. You see his vulnerability, they've pushed him, physically, mentally and emotionally. They've really Uncaged the Beast in this. As I watched as well, I definitely turned into a giddy nerd. This movie has really shown why this character is my favorite. He is a very well rounded character that in some aspects are very mysterious. I just hope Hugh Jackman continues to portray the character for as long as he can. I would really like to see more X-Men movies filmed as well as this one was. Go see this movie, even if you are not a fan, it is a very moving and entertaining film. On a side note even though it is PG-13, I don't really recommend it for children under the age of 10.
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The Wolverine

By baileyjedi
Written July 28, 2013
Being a fan of the comic books of marvel and DC makes it hard when you watch this movie and it has so many hollywood inconsistencies it. After I was able to get past that the movie was ok. And i'm hoping the movie can redeem itself with further chapters. All in all I give the movie a C. The effects were good and the storyline went well with the movie. Kids of all ages will enjoy the move but the die hards and comic book followers will feel a bit slighted and a few questions.
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Snore fest and boring compared to Wolverine Origins!

By durham77
Written September 08, 2013
Hardly any good action in the movie. There was no other mutants in movie except one which sucked. I wanted to like this movie so much because I'm a X-Men fan but this one left me walking away disappointed and unsatisfied. I own all the other X-Men movies but I won't be buying this one.
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wolverines history

By CH1021
Written August 01, 2013
I liked the movie, even though i wasn't thrilled at the idea.. it was my finace's idea. But I ended up really enjoying it! I've seen the other x-men movies and this was more about wolverines past and him coming to terms with it. There were some twists i didn't see coming though! Also STAY past the credits... you do not wanna miss the bonus scene!
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By andiemetz
Written August 05, 2013
This movie had plenty of action, twists and a few turns. Very exciting, although I would be very selective of what aged child to bring. If you like Hugh Jackman, this movie will be one of your favorites.
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